Mission Statement:

Back10PROs‘ focus is to provide the best trained and competent Match Officials, Match Organizers & Event Managers for all of our rugby stakeholders needs throughout the United States and eventually our region Rugby Americas North (RAN) while developing strategic partnerships that would include internationally recognized programs. Our long term goals are to build a model that has the ability to compete in the international arena by creating the best and most competent Match Officials, Match Organizers & Event Managers domestically.

Vision Statement:

Through continued development and personal commitment, our match officials will have higher integrity, better attitude and effort both on and off the pitch through being value based on their competencies and capabilities. We will forever strive to provide the best services for our clients while becoming the top match official organization in the nation.

Our Goal:

To provide the best match officials through continued education, coaching and developments pathways while maintaining a positive attitude thereby benefiting the entire rugby community and supporting both the match official and stakeholder needs.