At ‘Back10PROs’ we are a ‘Professional Rugby Match Officials, Match Organizers & Event Manager Programs’ established in Las Vegas and are developing a comprehensive program initially for the North America and with success eventually to branch out to developing rugby nations. Later enhancement opportunities internationally will be developed over the next few years once the systems are in place and we have identified the need.

It is with much excitement, that I am proud to announce and introduce you to Back10PROs.

Back10PROs is a Professional Rugby Officials & Organizers business (incorporated in Nevada) providing professional rugby referee services to the entire rugby community (throughout the USA initially and RAN per the growth model) including such needs as Center/Assistant Match Officials(#2,3,4,5&6), Technical Zone managers, Sub Managers, VMOs or TMOs, Coaches, Evaluators, Assessors, Law Specialists, Educators, Administrators and Match Organizers & Event Managers.

Being a professional and national Match Official and Match Organization provider will support our objectives based on opportunities and development for our Match Officials, Match Organizers & Event Managers as well as meeting our clients’ needs. We are a full service oriented business that values both the Match Official needs such as valued compensation and human values as well as our client’s/stakeholders goals.

Match Officials, Match Organizers & Event Managers will be contractors and compensated based on their competencies and capabilities, including fitness. The development program will include a feedback system for team/club representatives to review the referee performance thereby helping develop a better product for our game.

We will be using a virtual coaching tool that will require Match Officials, Match Organizers & Event Managers and their assigned coach to review video of their matches (when available) that supports direct implementation of improvement plans for the next match (similar to the MLR and WPL model currently). The program will also provide designated competency requirements that would meet various levels of competition including Major League Rugby and national competitions.